Bless You, Seattle

There are lots of reasons that I returned to the West Coast. But one of my favorites is that people over here are down to earth. True statement: I am eating lunch alone, and I sneezed and a random passerby said "bless you." While this might not seem novel to many, this is a simple act of human kindness that I didn't often see during my tenure on the "other" coast. This is not to disparage any region, but simply to say "Thank You" to my new home. Thank you for hosting a 5-block music festival full of love and acceptance. It was packed and crammed, and for some shows, was easier to wait inside. But, when we did venture outdoors, it was a pleasure. People would apologize for stepping on your feet. They would wait in line. They were genuinely happy to be there. This is the type of community I want. And, this is why I love it here. 

Photo credit  Victoria Holt

Photo credit Victoria Holt