The Business Case for Leadership

Businesses don't plan for tomorrow. They plan for next year, 5 years, 15 years down the road. They don't make decisions on whims or rumors or alternative facts. Decisions are based on market research, focus groups and data. 

And, many companies have made the calculation that increasingly progressive policies are in their future's best interest. Oil and gas companies are investing in alternative energy, realizing that a purely fossil fuel based energy future is not sustainable. Companies that are 100 years old, even in industries that wouldn't be considered cutting edge, such as railroads, are earning praise for their progressive policies towards the LGBTQ community. 

Imagine this, Union Pacific, a company that has been around since the 1860's is now sponsoring a conference panel titled “Making the Case: The Business Community and the Fight for LGBT Non-Discrimination.” These decisions don't happen by accident. They start at the top and trickle throughout the business. Once a position is taken on a social issue such as this, it doesn't get easily overturned. 

Businesses will be the bulwark against a slide back into the social dark ages. They aren't going to abandon their principles because of a four year presidential term fraught with division and fear. Aside from what we as individual Americans can do to ensure our civil liberties remain intact, we are looking for the business community to continue its progress. I don't think they'll let us down. 


Ashley Mancheni